IT-integrated Teaching at SyueJia Junior High School


I. Introduction

At SyueJia Junior High School, we have 758 students and 50 teachers, i.e. the student-teacher ratio is 15:1.  There are 48 teachers with basic IT skills and literacy warranted by Tainan County Government.  Almost all of the teachers get involved enthusiastically in the computer training courses.  Accordingly, it is no wonder that we have made great progress in the field of computer-aided instruction and IT-integrated teaching in recent years. 

We have one computer lab in which 45 computers for students and 2 for teachers are set up.  Not less than one computer is equipped in every teacher’s office.  That provides teachers the convenient access to the Internet, by which teachers collect teaching materials and make lesson plans.  In addition, one video-audio lab is set up for teachers’ training sessions or used as a team teaching classroom.


II. Strategies for IT-integrated teaching

             In order to activate the IT-integrated teaching at this school, we have made great efforts to enhance teachers’ IT literacy and skills and put much emphasis on students’ IT education.  The strategies we have applied are listed as follows:  

1.      Focusing on teachers’ learning and training

a.       To provide teachers opportunities to participate in IT training courses or seminars.

b.      To encourage teachers to build up personal teaching portfolios by utilizing computers.

c.       To purchase more CAI software and IT educational software for teachers’ teaching activities.

d.      To build up teaching plans, evaluation corpus,and teaching material corpus by using computers. 

e.       To retrain teachers to posses the ability to take advantage of the Internet, to send and receive e-mail.

2.Emphasizing students’ IT education

a.       To practice 45-minute IT education course per week more realistically and emphatically in the junior and senior classes

b.      To inspire students to get sophisticated with computers, and to understand what computers mean to our lives.

c.       To teach students the basic know-how about computers and how to use and apply computers in their learning.

d.      To cultivate students’ IT literacy with which students can use IT correctly and properly

e.       To enable students to make good use of the Internet to broaden their learning and vision.

f.        To educate students to understand the importance of IT and to obey the law to respect others’ intelligence right.

III.  The present performances

      In recent years, many teachers in our school have made great efforts to set up web pages concerning the new curriculum—9-year continous curriculum.  Those provide teachers and students feasible accesses to valuable learning resources.  The websites are listed as follows: 




     By making good use of these web pages, both teachers and students benefit themselves a lot in teaching and learning.  These web pages provide convenient platforms for them to discuss, to share, and to exchange their ideas.


      VI. The Prospect


1.  We aim to better IT-integrated teaching activities, and therefore to inspire students to learn actively, collaboratively, and creatively.

2.      We aim to upgrade IT equipment, to provide more IT teaching resources, and to retrain our teachers to have the capacity to utilize computers in the teaching and school affair management.   

3.      We aim to build up a digitalized school where IT is applied in our daily life and is integrated in our learning.


Students and their parents learn to use computers happily (1)


Students and their parents learn to use computers  happily (2)


The community teenagers have a wonderful learning! (1)


The community teenagers have a wonderful  learning! (2)